cdfront320.jpg (75943 bytes) December 11th '96 we released our first record, which simply is called Den Flygande Bokrullen. It contains 16 tunes:
  1. Rumelaj (trad.) Click to get a sample (MP3, 1 minute)
  2. Ternovka (M. Pohjola) Click to get a sample (MP3, 1 minute)
  3. Odessa Bulgar (trad.) Click to get a sample (MP3, 1 minute)
  4. Årby Chora (O. Pohjola)
  5. Hasaposerviko (Trad.)
  6. Chassidisk Melodi (Trad.) (Hasidic melody)
  7. Deilòs (M.Pohjola)
  8. A Freylekhe Nakht In Gan Eydn (Trad.)
  9. Härdsmälta (G. Johansson) (Nuclear Meltdown)
  10. Der Yid (Trad.)
  11. Ehe Ya Panayia (Trad.)
  12. Sulas Bulgar (O. Pohjola)
  13. 13 (M. Pohjola)
  14. Turkiska Cymbaler (M. Pohjola) (Turkish Cymbals)
  15. Wrzeszcz (G. Johansson)
  16. Poyolawskys Chora (O. Pohjola)

Kirk Chilton on fiddle and Tony Klein on bouzouki och baglamas appear on some of the tunes.

In the Nordic countries, you can order Den Flygande Bokrullen's cd's from any record store because of  contract with the music distributor Bonnier Amigo.
You can also order records directly from us if you are outside the Nordic countries. Please
e-mail or call or send snail mail.

Derek Reid reviewed Den Flygande Bokrullen's first record in the British folkmusic magazine Folk Roots (# 168 June -97): "Wow [...] They have a raucous swagger and the real joy of a 'Simcha' band rather than the current run of concertising groups. They remind me so much of the Yiddish bands which played the East End of London in the dwindling years of a great community. Party! Party!"