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           This is Den Flygande Bokrullen on 7 July 2007.      
           Click on it for a huge picture (c:a 2,6 MB).
           Photo: Rock Punk


           Click on the picture for a larger version (c:a 2,5 MB) Photo: Arko Records


      Three photos by Miroslaw Skwarek from the Singera Festival in Warsaw, September 2005.


                                       Photographer Fredrik Posse came to Nationalmuseum Nov 06 and did this to us.


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Arvid Pettersson
Carl Johansson
Lars Ydgren
Matti Pohjola
Gustav Johansson

Thomas Dawidowski

Here is the group relaxing backstage at the favourite place old-time Katalin in Uppsala, before Thomas was a member.  Gustav notices that the photographer has forgotten to tie his shoelaces.

Brassgathering. Arvid to the left get's feeling. Photo: S Tardell

Matti's parents used to warn him him about this when he was a kid. "You can get stuck like that!" Photo: S. Tardell

Yes, we woke him up after the concert. Photo: S. Tardell

Lars was so nervous, he was shaking like a leaf. Photo: S. Tardell 2004

From theTarrschwein-photo session.

The drummer Carl is learning to fly.

After a 48-hour gig we were totally exhausted.

We discuss tactics during a football game between Sweden and Latvia, September 2002.

During Christmas time we use to meet at Matti’s place baking ginger bread and singing Christmas carols.

On tour with the VW-bus ’Smurfo’. Mjölby, Sweden, 2001.

Discovery from a bin behind the office of our record company.


From Cafe Utopia in the good old days. Here with guest performers Tony Klein bouzouki and Kirk Chilton on violin.

Klicka för att få en större bild.

An early (1996) photo of us.

Gustav, Matti, Carl, Lars, Oskar Pohjola - played tuba and double bass until 1999.

cdbackthumb.gif (18900 bytes)
A photo from the back cover of
our first CD.