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Den Flygande Bokrullen - a Swedish klezmer band


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'Starkstrom aus Schweden'

Fürter Nachgerichter

'Klezmerski dynamit'

Teatr NN, Lublin, Poland

'Wow! They have a raucous swagger and the real joy of a 'Simca' band rather than the current run of concertising groups. They remind me so much of the Yiddish bands wich played the East End of London in the dwindling years of a great community. Party! Party!'

Derek Reid, Folk Roots

Hey! Take a look at this! The German klezmer pages, , listed the best klezmer tunes ever and of course Den Flygande Bokrullen was on the lists and even topped one. Take a look:

Den Flygande Bokrullen released the first CD in December 1996, and the second album "20th Century Klezmer" in November "98. An EP "electronic ep" was released in June 2000. The third album, Tarrschwein, was released in April 2002. The fourth full lenght album, "Shuff!" was realeased in September 2007.

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